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Bâton Wicks - Fontainebleau Climbs

Translation from the French with lots of pictures and diagrams showing you how to locate and do nearly 3000 problems in almost 40 areas of the forest. Over 100 circuits of linked problems at similar grades are described and a good selection of grades is covered, from Yellow (2a - 3a) to White (5c - 8b).

This is an excellent guide, especially for anyone who hasn't visited "Font" before, as it has over 100 maps showing the circuits and other details of the area.

By Jo and Françoise Montchaussé and Jacky Godoffe.

Card cover, 22.5cm x 12.5cm, 240 pages.

Published 2012.

ISBN: 978-189-8573-86-9.

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Fontainebleau Climbs
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