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Triop - Crag Gloves (aka Jammers) (pair)

Rockshoes for your hands!

Crag Gloves are fingerless rock shoe rubber-backed things for protecting the backs of your hands whilst hand-jamming.

They fix firmly in place with a system of clever velcro straps and are perfectly comfortable wear.

They work well, particularly on on gritstone and granite cracks.

Triop have never issued a size chart with these gloves but we suggest based on your normal glove size:

Triop Jammers
Your normal glove size Triop Jammer size

ie if you border on L/XL get L etc.

There's quite a bit of overlap so you should be OK with either size if you are on the cusp.

Made from leather, rubber and velcro.

Charming Crack here we come!!

65g/pair approx.


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