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Nikwax - Rope Proof

RopeProof is a water based emulsion of Nikwax's patented TX.10i elastomer. It is based upon EVA which gives it elastic properties that enhance the durability during flexing. It also adds abrasion resistance. During the application process, the water-repellent molecule is dispersed across the sheath and core fibers of the rope. As the water (carrier) is removed during the drying process, the molecules link together (polymerize) wrapping the fiber with the water-repellent elastomer.

Nikwax RopeProof can substantially reduce water absorption in climbing ropes (dynamic and static) whilst still maintaining strength, impact force, fall ratings, static elongation, sheath slippage and knotability within UIAA and the manufacturer's allowable limits.

Tests performed on 10.5 mm and 11 mm standard ropes treated with RopeProof reduced water absorption from 20-50% to 3.2-4.6%. The test measured percentage of weight gain after 60 minutes submersion in 2" of water. Even treating a new 11 mm 'Dry' rope showed a reduction in absorption from 7.78-7.95% down to 4.26%.

Clean the rope by rinsing in cold water to remove dirt. Treat the rope as follows: Use one bottle of RopeProof to treat one 60m rope. Shake the bottle. Mix one bottle of RopeProof with 10 bottles of warm water, soak for 2 hours, mixing/agitating every 15 minutes. This redistributes the active ingredients throughout the solution as well as removing air that is trapped within the rope. To prevent tangling, place rope in a pillow case or similar porous sack. Place the rope and solution in a washing machine, set at low water setting, warm water, and heavy soil cycle. Allow machine to run all cycles including rinses. Remove rope from pillow case and allow to thoroughly dry in a ventilated area before use or storing. Maintain by rinsing the rope regularly with water. If the rope is heavily soiled, wash in a non-detergent soap like Nikwax Tech-Wash.

Available in 1 Litre and (obtained to order) 5 Litre versions.


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