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Huber - Dachstein Mitts

Traditional heavy duty wool mitts, made well oversized and then boiled to shrink to a tough thick woollen felt. As used by Scottish winter climbers, alpinists, and Himalayan expeditioners for over 50 years.

Not waterproof, but when used in snow, an icy skin forms over the mitt which is very effective at keeping hands warm. If you are an impecunious winter climber looking for the one glove that will do everything (as cheaply as possible) then this is about as close as you'll get!

Please note that with the change in supplier from Lackner (who ceased production) to Huber, the sizing of these mitts has changed and they are now larger than they used to be.

150g approx.

Dachstein Mitts
size size

circumference of mitt

7 XXS 21 cm



22 cm



23 cm



24 cm






26 cm

Sizes are measured right around the outside of the mitt, so remember to allow extra for the thickness of the wool and maybe a liner glove when measuring right around your hand. Then again, the wool is stretchy, so don't allow too much!



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