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Grivel - Offset Front Bails for Grivel Crampons (Pair) (RGB20BAIL)

These front bails are designed for the Grivel G20 and G22 Crampons.

However they can be fitted to other Grivel Crampomatic Crampons such as the G14, G12 and Airtech, thus making the fit of modern asymmetric boots like the Scarpa Phantom Guide much better.

Price is per pair. Please note it is important to fit the correct bail to the left and right crampon!

These do not fit ski-mountaineering boots very well - use the Standard version instead.

Stock code: RGB20BAIL.

They do not include the metal strap.

Using these it is possible, with suitable tools (a vice, molegrips etc) and a bit of swearing to convert GSB bindings to Crampomatic (full step in).
There are two points to note:
1. As standard, the bail bars are fitted in the rear of the two holes available, but you will need to assess the best position depending on your boots.
2. You're on your own - Grivel say that such modifications invalidate their warranty so if your newly fitted bail bars ping off on the crux of Orion Direct it's your fault!

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Offset Front Bails for Grivel Crampons (Pair) (RGB20BAIL)
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