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Grivel - Grivel Anti-Balling Plates (pair)

Anti balling plates (also known as Antibotts) stop you turning your crampons into clodhoppers. They are one of those products that alpinists used to pour scorn on a few years ago, until that was that they realised that the few pioneers who were using them weren't falling over as much as they were. Now the antibott is on the other foot so to speak and most guides will not accept clients who don't have them.

The more modern, two part, yellow ones include a pair of Accordeons (see below), Grivel's antibott for the connecting bar. NB When fitting these to Grivel crampons, it is essential that the rubber tabs fit over the spring steel catch and not under it. We believe that crampons may have come apart where these have been incorrectly fitted.

Grivel have produced many models over the years and this is a full list of what is currently available. In particular, Grivel have gradually changed nearly all their crampons to the same heel section first seen on the Air Tech. This new heel section is smaller than previous versions and has crinkled spikes on it. Older versions of all models will have smooth spikes on the heel. There is also a very old version of the G10 which had a front section (measured from between the front points to the rear of the section) longer than the 11cm of the most recent two versions. The antiballing plates for this longer front version (100.10) are no longer available.

The most recent versions of Grivel crampons have anti-balling plates riveted into place which does mean that there is less chance of losing them. Once they are worn out, the rivets can be removed and a suitable plate chosen from the list below.

We stock most of these antiballing plates but the few that we don't have in stock are generally available from the importers fairly quickly - please email us to check.

Supplied in pairs.

Grivel Anti-Balling Plates - What Fits What
Code Colour Crampon
100.10 Black Very old G10s - sorry no longer available
100.30 Black 2 F
100.40 Black Rambo 1, Rambo2, (Rambo 3 plate no longer available)
100.60 Black Rambo R
100.90 Black Very old G12 (front section longer than 12cm) and G12 XL and was once fitted to G14 (however 101.75 fits all G14). Now marketed by Grivel as Multibott ie it can be fitted to many flat framed crampons. The G12 XL has a front section 13.5cm long not including the spikes.
101.72 Yellow G10 old (with non-crinkled spikes on heel)
101.73 Yellow G10 new (with crinkled spikes on heels), Air Tech
101.73.2 Yellow G12 new (with crinkled spikes on heels), Air Tech Lite
101.74 Yellow G12 old (with non-crinkled spikes on heel). The standard G12 has a front section 12cm long not including the spikes.
101.75 Yellow G14 old (with non-crinkled spikes on heel)
101.75N Yellow G14 new (with crinkled spikes on heels)
101.77 Black/Yellow Rambo 4


Select option from the grid below

100.10 100.30 100.40 100.60 100.90
Out of stock 0 in stock
1 in stock
1 in stock
0 in stock
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101.72 101.73 101.73.2 101.74 101.75
4 in stock
2 in stock
2 in stock
5+ in stock
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101.75N 101.77
3 in stock
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