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Grivel - Converter Bails (Pair) (BC2N.BAIL)

Pair of bails to convert Crampomatic crampons to Newmatic (ie Full Step Ins to Semi Step Ins). These will be of most use to people wanting to convert GSB crampons to Newmatic rather than Crampomatic.

Stock code: BC2N.BAIL.

Using these it is possible, with suitable tools (a vice, molegrips etc) and a bit of swearing to convert GSB bindings to Newmatic (semi-step in).
There are three points to note:
1. As standard, the bail bars are fitted in the rear of the two holes available, but you will need to assess the best position depending on your boots.
2. You will also need a set of longer (95cm) crampon straps as the ones that come with GSB Crampons are only 70cm.
3. You're on your own - Grivel say that such modifications invalidate their warranty so if your newly fitted bail bars ping off on the crux of Orion Direct it's your fault!

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Converter Bails (Pair) (BC2N.BAIL)
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