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Yowie - Yowie Snowshoes

Excellent ultralight snowshoe from Australia (of all places!). Despite looking like Tevas designed for a Yeti, these simple snowshoes are very effective for walking into routes and then stowing in your sack whilst you climb.

They are made with a flexible plastic platform with a moulded base designed to give grip on various types of snow and keep you on the surface. Ice build up is minimised by the non-stick characteristics of the polymer used and the ability to break ice away through flexing. Underneath are strong alloy blades designed for grip on ice and crusty snow. The secure, positive binding system is easy to adjust, utilising Velcro® fasteners and durable webbing and National Moldings buckles.

Yowie snowshoes are unique because they are flexible. As you put your weight on the platform, snow compacts into the hexagon pattern on the base - providing 360 degree grip. As you lift your foot, the base flexes releasing the snow. In addition, the angles, surfaces and materials of Yowies are all carefully selected to minimise ice and snow build up and the Velcro fastening system of the Yowie has been manufactured with built-in water and snow repellent coating.

They are very easy to use, require no specialist knowledge and fit to virtually any type of boot or shoe.

They can be used to climb moderate slopes but in our opinion these are not the best snowshoe for the dedicated snowshoeing enthusiast. We think Yowies are the best choice for the occasional user who wants them to approach climbs etc as they are simple and lightweight. They work really well in this respect and can easily be carried in a rucksack up a route if need be.

There are two sizes:
M (460mm x 245mm, 1.18kg/pair): approximately 39-45 Euro (6-10 UK).
L (510mm x 260mm, 1.33kg/pair): approximately 44-49 Euro (9-13 UK).
However another function to be taken into account is your height. Generally if you are under 5'11" (ca 180cm) you will need a Medium whatever your foot size. Over this height then a Large is usually preferred. Don't forget to adjust both the inner and outer straps for a snug fit.

NB In soft sticky snow, Yowies, like all snowshoes can ball up. Cure - Silicon spray water repellent/release agent is probably the easiest to obtain and apply. Apply to the crampons and under side of the snowshoe. Great care should be taken not to apply or let over-spray on the Velcro as it will lubricate and diminish its closure and its hold strength. The Velcro already has PTFE water repellent chemically bonded to it.


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