Nuts Museum Wild Country Friends Chart

NeedleSports | 21/06/2017 14:46:00

Needle Sports’ Staff – Luke Jones

NeedleSports | 31/01/2017 17:20:22

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Needle Sports’ Staff – Lucy Hepburn

NeedleSports | 31/01/2017 17:04:57

  A keen climber on rock and ice, Lucy is also a skier and instructs outdoor ed in what little spare time she has left. Recent memorable leads include Aphasia (E2) on Sergeant Crag Slabs in Borrowdale. Lucy demonstrating her superb skiing skills!

Needle Sports’ Staff - Will Veitch

NeedleSports | 11/01/2016 17:32:08

Will is an active climber on rock, ice and alpine peaks. Local leads include such classics as Holly Tree Crack (E1) on Sergeant Crag Slabs, Creeping Jesus (HVS) on Shepherd's Crag and South-East, Central and Window Gullies (III, II and II/III) on Great End. He has climbed in Scotland in winter and in the alps in Chamonix and.... More


NeedleSports | 22/12/2015 09:40:00

These notes are intended to assist the beginner who has already gained some knowledge of slack lining and is fully aware of its risks. They are brief and not designed to be comprehensive in any way. Ultimately slacklining is a dangerous sport if practiced high enough off the ground, and at the very least can.... More