Insulation - Fleece

Modern fleece clothing started with the use of Fibre Pile by Helly Hansen in the '70s and has (in our opinion and with a few honourable exceptions) yet to match the thermal efficiency of the original material. However fleece looks and feels a lot nicer than fibre pile (an important consideration for many!) and it has become widely worn throughout all sections of society.

Whilst fleece is great for adding light quick drying warmth, it is not windproof unless some sort of windproofing is added, either by using a fleece that has a windproof liner such as Gore Windstopper, or by combining it with a windproof.

The advantage of a windproof fleece is that it is neat, tidy and looks good - however, similar condensation problems to those experienced when using "breathable" waterproofs are likely to occur. A Pertex type windproof top by contrast is not going to win you any fashion awards, but you won't get condensation problems either.

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