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Climbing tat by the metre, ie Cord and Tape cut off the reel is essential for emergency abseils and a host of other uses. In addition to selling all diameters from 2mm to 9mm by the metre and various widths of tape by the metre, we also sell suitable precut lengths for making Prusik Loops and stringing Nuts, Cams and Skyhooks. 
For rethreading Hexes and other nuts, we suggest that 1.25m of cord will allow for a reasonably long loop and a Double Fisherman's Knot with a good "tail". 
Alternatively, 5.5mm Dyneema cord can be used for all sizes down to Hex Size 3. 1.1m is perfect for Hexes and other nuts as well as replacing tape on double looped cams, whilst 0.75m gives the correct length for single looped cams. Dyneema cord must be tied using a Triple Fisherman's Knot which is the same as a Double Fisherman's but with three loops on each side of the knot rather than two.
Cord and Tape are cut with a "hot-knife" that seals as it cuts. If you need to cut it again then you will need to find a friendly shop that has a hot-knife to do it for you.
Camp Hexentrics: Sadly, Camp Hexes on cord (made under license from Black Diamond) have now gone the way of the Whillans Harness and the Fire Rockboot - climbers, it seems, can no longer be trusted to tie their own knots!
This chart is here as a guide to what diameter cord is required to restring an old Hex. 
Camp Hexcentrics




Cord Diameter
1 18 x 14 3 5 4mm
2 21 x 15 5 7 5mm
3 24 x 18 7 10 6mm
4 29 x 22 9 18 7mm
5 34 x 26 12 26 8mm
6 40 x 34 18 36 9mm
7 48 x 38 14 52 9mm
8 56 x 44 13 78 9mm
9 66 x 54 13 108 9mm
10 79 x 64 13 160 9mm
11 91 x 75 13 230 9mm

Wild Country Rockcentrics and DMM Torque Nuts require 8mm diameter cord for all sizes. Alternatively use 5.5mm Dyneema.



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