Petzl Reactik

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Compact, rechargeable and intelligent headlamp with Reactive Lighting Technology that automatically adjusts brightness to the needs of the user. 220 lumens

Petzl Reactik

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With 220 lumens of power, the Reactik headlamp is ideal for fast moving, intense activities. During activity, the Reactive Lighting Technology sensor analyses the ambient light and adjusts the brightness instantly to user requirements. Thus battery life is optimised and hand operations are reduced to a minimum.
  • Longer burn time, visual comfort and minimal handling thanks to Reactive Lighting Technology.
  • The light sensor automatically adjusts brightness and optimises burn time.
  • Depending on the chosen burn time (3h30, 6h, 12h), brightness automatically self-regulates in three modes : Max Power, Standard and Max Autonomy.
  • Lamp can also be used with Constant Lighting Technology, which ensures constant lighting over time.
  • Mixed beam with focused component, for both close-range and distance vision.
  • Red lighting mode preserves night vision.
  • Lock function to avoid accidentally turning it on during transit or storage.
  • Rechargeable 1800 mAh Lithium-Ion battery has universal charging with micro USB port.
  • Battery charge indicator.
  • Battery can be replaced with standard battery pack (not included) for use in remote areas.
  • Petzl's patented washable and adjustable headband has two-part construction for optimal positioning during dynamic activities, absorbs perspiration, and remains positioned on the head.
  • Weather resistant.
Technology: Reactive Lighting or Constant Lighting.
Beam pattern: wide beam with focused component.
Energy: 1800 mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery (included)
Recharge time: 4.5 hours.
Battery compatibility: alkaline, lithium and Ni-MH, with the standard battery pack (not included).
Watertightness: IP X4 (water resistant).
Certification: CE.
Guarantee: lamp: 3 years, rechargeable battery: 1 year (or 300 charging cycles).

Weight: ca 115g.
Lighting technology Lighting color Lighting modes Brightness Lighting distance Burn time Reserve mode
Reactive white Max Autonomy 70 lm 40 m 12 h 15 lm for 2 h
Standard 130 lm 55 m 6 h
Max Power 220 lm 65 m 3h30
Constant Max Autonomy 40 lm 30 m 12 h
Standard 80 lm 40 m 6 h
Max Power 140 lm 50 m 3h30
red Max Autonomy 2 lm 8 m 30 h -
strobe visible for 1 km 60 h

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