Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel

Recharge your mobile phone, tablet or headtorch whilst on extended camping trips and expeditions with the Goal Zero Nomad 7+ solar panel.

Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel

Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel
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Designed to be super lightweight and portable, the Goal Zero Nomad 7+ solar panel is ideal for one person who wants to recharge one device at a time, such as a headtorch, mobile phone or tablet and doesn't want to be burdened down with a lot of bulk and weight.

The Nomad 7+ features a very smart auto restart system. With the ability to track power flow history, it knows the difference between a device that has reached a fully charged state and one that disconnects due to environmental causes, i.e. lack of sunlight, shadow, solar eclipse, etc. When the latter is detected, it automatically reconnects the charging device, no extra work on your part is needed.

  • Fold out stand provides optimum angle placement, natural shade for charging devices and a vented pocket for spare bits and pieces.
  • Stand attaches with magnets and can easily be removed.
  • Weatherproof layering keeps off rain and snow.

Several key components work together to ensure you good solar charging experience, including the Solar Intensity Indicator. These 4 LED lights are indicative of current solar conditions and give you an idea of how well your gear will charge depending on how many display.

NB. The solar panel does not hold a charge, it produces power when it is exposed to sunlight. You can plug your phone directly into the panel or use it to recharge a portable recharger for later use. The Nomad 7 Plus is great for recharging things like: Headlamps, Phones, Other smaller USB devices and Goal Zero Power Banks such as the Flip 10.
On a recent trip to South Georgia, the Nomad 7 managed to recharge a Goal Zero Flip 10 by about a third in around 4 hours (see the last two photos) which was pretty impressive in the overcast conditions. Unfortunately it wasn't possible to try it more than once as visibility was zero most of the time!

Goal Zero Nomad Seven Plus
Weight Dimensions - Folded Dimensions - Unfolded Rated Power Open Circuit Voltage Voc USB Port
363g 16.5cm x 22.23cm x 1.9cm 33cm x 22.23cm x 1.27cm 7W 8 - 9V 5V, up to 1.4A (7W max)

Approximate Charging Times in Full Sun
Mobile Phone Flip 10 Flip 20 Guide 10 Switch 10 Venture 30
2 Hrs 2.5 Hrs 5 Hrs 3 Hrs 3 Hrs 8 Hrs


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