Black Diamond ClimbOn Bar

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Brilliant skin recovery treatment from climbers' shredded finger tips. It really is very good, otherwise none of us could have coped with a solid week's climbing on Kalymnos limestone.

Black Diamond ClimbOn Bar

2oz (56g)
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Now under the ownership of Black Diamond, the classic climber's ClimbOn lotion bar comes in a compostable paper tube and is easy to rub on the skin for moisturisation and skin nourishment, including dry hands, cracked skin, calluses, cuticles, and much more. The Original bar has a refreshing floral scent of lavender, lemon, and neroli (an essential oil produced from the blossom of the bitter orange tree).

  • Solid to touch but begins to melt when the bar meets the warmth of the skin.
  • Food-grade ingredients.
  • Daily moisturizer for strong and healthy skin.
  • Pack it in to cracked or abused skin for relief.
  • Rub directly on burns, rashes, stings, or areas of discomfort.
  • Available in two sizes.

Actually we can vouch for this - it really is very good, otherwise none of us could have coped with a solid fortnight's climbing on Kalymnos limestone which, as everyone knows, is made from a mixture of fossilised seashells and razor blades.

Available in 2oz (56g) and 0.5oz (14g) tubes.

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Black Diamond ClimbOn Ridiculous! Lotion Bar
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Black Diamond ClimbOn Lotion Crème
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