Kalymnos Climbing Guidebook

Idyllic limestone climbing on a Greek island. The grade range is excellent with plenty of easy well bolted routes as well as mega-hard pumpy tufa fests in huge caves. An absolutely fabulous guide!!

Idyllic limestone climbing on the now famous Greek islands of Kalymnos and neighbouring Telemnos. The grade range is excellent with plenty of easy well bolted routes as well as mega-hard pumpy tufa fests in huge caves.
This absolutely fabulous guide has fantastic colour photo topos and plenty of climbing shots too. Numerous venues are described and lots of general info about the island given.
The 2019 revised edition of the Kalymnos guidebook is an all-new print edition of the guidebook with a free application for iOS and android devices. The majority of photos and photo-topos are new, and in addition to the practical information about each crag (shade, exposure, approach etc) extras, like GPS coordinates to each crag, have been added.
This new edition is even bigger than ever and now describes around 3,400 sport routes in 66 climbing areas with 13 further sectors described on the free app download that is included with the guide. Other guidebooks to Kalymnos come and go, and are usually cheaper, but this is the one, written by local climbers and with a big chunk of the profits going to equipping routes - a must!
In English.
By Aris Theodoropoulos and Katie Roussos. Aris is the author of all the previous editions of the guidebook and has been involved with the development of climbing on Kalymnos since it first started in 1999.
  • GPS coordinates for each crag.
  • A practical Crag Planner to help compare crags and schedule an itinerary.
  • High quality photo-topos.
  • Hundreds of full colour stunning action shots.
  • An updated, friendlier, user-centred layout and lots of useful information about conditions, shade, orientation, kid-frienliness of each crag etc.
  • More details on how to equip new routes.
  • More tips on travel, accommodation, amenities, local interests and rest-day activities.
  • A big part of the proceeds from the the sales of this guide goes to equipping new and existing routes.
  • Includes a Vertical Life App Code so that you can download the guide onto your mobile phone.
Card cover, 15.5cm x 21cm, 483 pages.
2019 edition (though actually published late 2018).
ISBN: 978-618-5160-08-1.

For more information on climbing in Kalymnos see the Climb Kalymnos website.

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