Finale Climbing

Mammoth topo guide (it weighs 1.3kg!) to this vast area of bolted limestone climbing just over the French border from Nice in north-west Italy.

Finale Climbing

Finale Climbing
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Mammoth topo guide to this vast area of limestone just over the French border from Nice in north-west Italy.

Finale is a magic and incomparable area: wild, harsh and with outstanding scenery. These white limestone crags that emerge from the luxuriant and bright green vegetation are unique in the whole western region of Liguria. Finale is an area to be explored that still offers, after thirty years of climbing and discovery, unexpected views for climbers, hikers and bikers, and for anyone you wants to adventure into its valleys.

One hundred and ninety two crags are described - far too many to list, and fifty eight more that the previous edition.

Areas covered include Arene Candide, Valle Pora, Rocca di Perti, Rocca Carpanea, Valle Aquilla, Monte Cucco, Valle di Rian Cornei, Boragni e Val di Nava, Valle Sciusa e Val Ponci, Altopiano delle Mànie, Capo Noli.

In English with good colour line diagrams and lots of action photos.

By Marco Tomassini.

Card cover, 21cm x 15cm, 807 pages.

Published 2017.

ISBN: 978-88-98609-81-9.

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