Alpen en Bloc Volume 1


 Volume 1 of a selected guide to some of the best bouldering areas of alpine Europe. This volume covers the western side in the area between Munich, Zurich, Milan and Innsbruck.

Alpen en Bloc Volume 1

Alpen en Bloc Volume 1
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Bouldering all over alpine Europe - Volume 1 of a selected guide to some of the best areas. This covers the West, between Munich, Zurich, Milan and Innsbruck.
Whether you're a local, a boulderer loving alpine surroundings or an alpinist enjoying a perfect day's bouldering between big alpine routes: Alpen en Bloc will give you plenty of ideas and enough information to fill many days with intense bouldering. Topos and maps are of the utmost quality and accompanied by detailed descriptions and many tips for the different areas.
Volume 1 of Alpen en Bloc includes many famous areas, such as Magic Wood or the boulders of the Gotthard Pass and the Sustenpass, but also lesser known spots like the Allgau in Bavaria, the Swiss Murgtal or boulders around the famous climbing area of Arco. 
Covers Magic Wood, Murgtal, Sustenpass and Gotthard in Switzerland, Allgäu and Kochel in Southern Germany, Vils and Silvapark in Austria and Val di Mello, Daone and Arco Northern Italy.
A lovely guide to some lovely places with a lot more to it than endless photos of boulders (though there are plenty of those). Pack your crashpad, shoes and chalk bag, get the book and go for it! Lots of colour with some beautiful photos.
It inclues an app version of the guide to go on your phone.
In German and English.
By Florian Wenter and Lorenz Delago.
Card cover, 18.5cm x 15cm, 576 pages.
Fourth edition 2017.
ISBN: 978-3-95611-073-3.

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