Harz Block

HarzBlock describes the granite and sandstone bouldering areas in and around the northern Harz, not far south of Hanover in Northern Germany.

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Harz Block

Harz Block
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HarzBlock describes the bouldering areas in and around the northern Harz, not far south of Hanover in Northern Germany. These include the granite areas in the Okertal, near Bad Harzburg and in the eastern Harz, as well as the sandstone areas near Langenstein, Westerhausen and Bodenstein.
Okertal is the largest of the described areas and the heart of Harz bouldering. 1340 of the 1935 problems described in the book are here. The countless blocks of rough granite offer excellent opportunities for good problems, consequently, a large number of new problems and areas have been developed in recent years, which has made the Okertal one of the largest boulder areas in Germany.
Bad Harzburg and Ostharz (Ottofelsen) have granite areas similar to the Okertal, but also the Wolfstein, a small limestone cliff with ideal and steep bouldering opportunities on the outskirts.
Langenstein, Westerhausen, Bodenstein are smaller, but very fine sandstone areas, whose boulder and rock quality are similar to Fontainebleau. Short ascents and friendly jumping off grounds make them perfect (family) bouldering areas.
The guide has has detailed photo topos, pictograms and comments plus detailed information on access and approach with maps on which also the boulders are labelled with GPS-coordinates. There is also lots of other information on accomodation, history, restaurants and rest days.
In German with the information sections and the area and access descriptions (but not the problem descriptions) in English.
Includes a Vertical-Life App code so you can download the guide onto your phone.
By Heiko Apel.
Card cover, 21cm x 15cm, 464 pages.
Third edition 2016.
ISBN: 978-3-00-040532-7.

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