Walking in Norway


Twenty walking routes in the mountain areas of Norway, ranging from a few days to over a week in length. Includes several outings within the arctic circle.

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Walking in Norway

Walking in Norway
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Twenty walking and trekking routes in the main mountain areas of Norway from the Far South to the sub-Arctic regions. Includes Hardangervidda, Aurlandsdalen, Rondane, Jotunheimen, Alvdal Vestfjell, Tafjord, Douvre, Trollheimen, Sylene, Femundsmarka, the mountains of Narvik, Troms Border Trail and Finnsmaksvidda.

The routes are short treks of 2-8 days from easy to strenuous. Harder routes involve glacier travel and high passes and peaks, and snow early in the year.

Monochrome maps, diagrams and photos with a few colour photo inserts.

By Constance Roos.

Card cover, 17cm x 11.5cm, 187 pages.

Published 1997.

ISBN: 978-1-85284-230-7.

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