Frome Valley Sandstone

Nicely produced guide to many micro crags hidden in dense jungle in the Frome Valley not far from Bristol. Definitely one for the local cognoscenti!

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Frome Valley Sandstone

Frome Valley Sandstone
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The very esoteric (and rather green) cult that is Frome valley climbing is at last available for all to discover. Sandstone favourites such as Winterbourne micro-routes and Ring Road bouldering are covered here plus masses more. In fact, the bouldering in this area has never before been included in a printed guidebook, so even if crumbly trad routes covered in moss and cobwebs don't appeal to you, the recently developed riverside bouldering surely will? 
As the introduction says, "if you still possess that untainted childhood sense of carefree grubby exploration in the local woods and haven't been overly conditioned by plastic climbing gymnasiums, painfully cool branded performance clothing or cherry picked, 3 star classic convenience climbing guidebooks, then you'll most likely 'get' the Frome Sandstone experience"!
Fully illustrated with phototopos and action shots.
Covers: Winterbourne Down, Hambrook and Bromley Heath, Oldbury Court Estate, Snuff Mills Park, Stapleton Glen.
By Mark Davies.
Card cover, 21cm x 16cm, 160 pages.
Published 2017.
ISBN: 978-1-78808-962-3.

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