Peak Limestone South

The definitive BMC guidebook to Southern Peak Limestone describing over 2000 routes at 63 crags. It features full colour maps and topos and superb action shots.

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Peak Limestone South

Peak Limestone South
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The definitive BMC guidebook to Southern Peak Limestone describing over 2000 routes at 63 crags.
This definitive guidebook from the British Mountaineering Council covers trad climbing, sport climbing and bouldering. It features full colour maps and topos, superb action shots and historical photos and essays detailing the heritage of the crags. Includes sizzling runouts on High Tor, mid grade classics on Wildcat Crags, shady pleasures at Willersley Castle, Brassington's dolomitic mini-crags, a lazy lifetime of Dovedale gems, the manyfold joys of the Manifold valley, Beestones pocketed symphonies and reclusive sport in the Wirksworth hinterland.
Matlock: The P, Pic Tor, Bend Tor, High Tor, Wildcat Crags, Willersley, Long Tor Quarry, House of Commons Crag, Shining Cliff, Lorry Park Quarry, Masson Lees Quarry, Hall Dale Quarry, Cawdor Quarry.
Wirksworth: Intake Quarry, Arm Lees Quarry, Lime Kiln Quarry, Dale Quarry, Stoney Wood,Blue Yonder, Blue Lagoon, Colehill Quarry, North East Quarry, Via Gellia Buttress, Via Gellia Quarry, Slaley Brook Quarry.
Brassington: Harborough Rocks, Rainster (Brassington) Rocks, Hipley Hill, Miner’s Ten, Roystone Grange.
Bakewell: Rheinstor, Nuda’s Tartan, Turkey Dip Rocks
Manifold Valley: Beeston Tor, Thor’s Cave, The Chimney, Wetton Mill, Ossam''s Crag.
Wolfscote Dale: Pike Crag, The Celestial Twins, Drabber Tor.
Dovedale: The Ridge, Baley Buttress, Dove Holes, Pickering Tors, Boardwalk Cave, Vista Buttress, Reynard's Arch, Tissington Spires, Dovedale Castle, The Twelve Apostles, Dovedale Church, Ilam Rock, Ilam Wall, The Tube, Ravens Tor.
Pleasley Vale:
By Ian Carr and Gary Gibson.
Quality card cover, 21cm x 15cm, 350 pages.
Published 2018.
ISBN: 9780903908399.

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