Betamonkeys - The Evolution of Falling


Hilarious and meticulously drawn bouldering cartoons. Well actually they feature trad climbers, sport climbers, aid climbers and ice climbers as well.

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Betamonkeys - The Evolution of Falling

Betamonkeys - The Evolution of Falling
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Hilarious and meticulously drawn bouldering cartoons. Well actually they feature trad climbers, sport climbers, aid climbers and ice climbers as well - see anyone you recognise!
Very much in the tradition of Tami Knight but with no mice (yet), Betamonkeys are the work of Ed O'Grady, a full-time Pyschology teacher and part-time free lance cartoonist with his own Betamonkeys Website.
Card cover, 24cm x 16cm, 56 pages.
Published 2015.
ISBN: 978-09928874-1-4.
‘Crap day at the crag? Muffed the last move of your project? Then you need this book. The Evolution of Falling takes us inside the unique, twisted and very funny mind of genius cartoonist Ed o’Grady. Part psychologist part artist he uncovers the hilarious truths at the heart of climbing.’ Ian Parnell
‘Is climbing a sport? Is it a hobby, or a lifestyle. No, it’s just a waste of time. And never has the pointlessness of our existence on rock and in climbing walls been so sharply illustrated as in these cartoons by Betamonkeys. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry… but always at yourself. Check them out; recognise someone?’ Niall Grimes

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