Mountain Hardwear HyperLamina Spark

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A synthetic fill summer sleeping bag rated to ca 5ºC to 0ºC for comfort and made using the most high efficiency techniques available. Two lengths.

Mountain Hardwear HyperLamina Spark

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Thought to be the highest performance synthetic bag on the market, with thermally mapped insulation and half-length centre zip to maximise efficiency and generally engineered to be the lightest and warmest synthetic bag available.

Lamina™ construction welds the Thermal.Q® insulation to the shell and lining, eliminating the cold spots caused by traditional stitching.

Mapping different insulation weights throughout the top of the bag concentrates the warmth where you need it most – around your core and feet.

Thermal efficiency is optimised by a performance mummy-cut, face gasket and the single centre half zip.

  • Comfort footbox follows natural foot position for maximum warmth and comfort.
  • Performance mummy cut provides sung fit, reducing girth, weight, and bulk and maximising thermal efficiency.
  • Ultralight shell is soft and highly wind resistant.
  • Face gasket and tailored hood comfortably block drafts at the hood opening and seals in warmth.
  • Sil-nylon compression stuff sack and mesh storage sack included.
Materials: Insulation: 960g of Thermal Q 100g Thermic Micro, Bag Shell: 22D Dobby.

MHW HyperLamina
  internal length shoulder girth hip girth foot girth
Regular 198cm 160cm 147cm 99cm
Long 213cm 168cm 163cm 104cm

MHW HyperLamina Spark Regular
Loft 8cm
Comfort Limit: 


weight packed size
737g 15cm x 33cm


EN Sleeping Bag Temperature Ratings

EN13537 is the European standard for sleeping bags and requires a thermal manikin test which produces four temperature results — upper limit, comfort, lower limit and extreme. There is no legal obligation to use this standard though most reputable brands do, even non-European ones. There is an exemption for military sleeping bags and sleeping bags for extreme temperatures, ie a comfort range of below -25°C. 
Upper Limit: the temperature at which a standard man can sleep without excessive perspiration. It is established with the hood and zips open and with arms outside the bag.
Comfort: the temperature at which a standard woman can expect to sleep comfortably in a relaxed position.
Lower Limit: the temperature at which a standard man can sleep for eight hours in a curled position without waking.
Extreme: the minimum temperature at which a standard woman can remain for six hours without risk of death from hypothermia (though frostbite is still possible).
For the purpose of these measurements, a "standard man" is assumed to be 25 years old, with a height of 1.73m (ie 5' 7", not very tall) and a weight of 73kg; a "standard woman" is assumed to be 25 years old, with a height of 1.60m (ie 5' 2.5") and a weight of 60kg.

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