Etriers (or Aiders) are tape ladders used in aid climbing. It is sensible to have them different colours as this makes tangles easier to sort out.

Yates Big Wall Ladder Black
SwatchBlack SwatchBlue
Yates Big Wall Ladder
9 In Stock
Yates Speed Ladder Red
SwatchRed SwatchGreen
Yates Speed Ladder
8 In Stock
Metolius 5 Step Aider Red
SwatchRed SwatchBlue
Metolius Aiders 5 Step 1 inch Webbing
1 In Stock
Metolius Pocket Aider Yellow
SwatchBlue SwatchYellow
Metolius Pocket Aider
2 In Stock
Petzl Gradistep Etrier
Petzl Gradistep Etrier
1 In Stock
Yates Speed Stirrup Red
SwatchRed SwatchYellow
Yates Speed Stirrup
3 In Stock
Metolius Easy Adjustable Aider
Metolius Easy Adjustable Aider
1 In Stock

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