DMM Beetle + Shadow HMS Set

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A classic tube with extra braking style device for confidence inspiring belaying and abseiling. Equally at home on the crag as it is down the climbing wall. This belay set includes the DMM Shadow HMS karabiner.

DMM Beetle + Shadow HMS Set

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Equally at home on the crag, as it is down at the wall, the Beetle is ideally suited to making the transition from indoors to trad climbing outside. The carefully considered internal geometry with its holding power and smooth rope control inspires confident belaying, lowering and abseiling. Suitable for intensive commercial use.

It is compatible with a wide range of rope diameters, from skinny half-ropes to the thicker single ropes used for bottom roping at climbing walls.

  • Internal geometry provides optimum performance - for greater and confidence inspiring control over a wide variety of rope diameters when belaying, lowering and abseiling.
  • Two friction modes for varying applications - it can be flipped 180° for smooth abseiling on thick or low stretch ropes.

Suitable for half and twin ropes from 7.3mm - 9.2mm and single ropes from 8.7mm - 11mm.

Weight: ca 54g.


Also included is the DMM Shadow HMS, a large, yet lightweight, HMS karabiner with a short gate to maximise gate opening. The wide end can take three clove hitches (<9.5mm rope).

  • Round, durable and generous rope bearing surface is rope friendly (larger bend radius) and makes for smooth belaying.
  • True HMS shape allows for use of an Italian Hitch.
  • Slim and tapering nose is good for connecting to slings.
  • Extra short gate allows more working space inside the karabiner.
I Beam hot forging technology + keylock nose = a brilliant bit of kit.

DMM Shadow HMS
Strength Closed Strength Open Strength Cross Loaded
26kN 7kN 9kN
External Dimensions Gate Opening Weight
11.5cm x 7.7cm 22mm 70g
DMM Beetle Blue
a1175bl-beetle-blueSwatch a1175blt-beetle-bltSwatch
DMM Beetle
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