Karabiners or Carabiners (aka "krabs" or "crabs") have been around since at least Victorian times, and were used by continental alpinists prior to the First World War but only really caught on in the British climbing scene in the late 1940s when masses of ex War Department ones became available. In recent years the design of karabiners has gone through a rapid period of evolution with ever lighter and more radical models appearing.

Karabiners were originally Oval, but it was soon found that "D" shaped ones were stronger and that these could be given a greater gate opening by making them as an Offset "D". Original krabs were Straightgate, then Bentgates were developed to allow easier clipping when sport climbing. In the mid-90s, Wiregates, despite being derided initially as nappy pins, revolutionised karabiner design, enabling considerable weight savings to be made.

Screwgates are designed for use where it is especially important that the gate remains closed (eg belays) and the HMS version (Halbmastwurfsicherung) was originally designed for use with a Munter (or Italian) hitch for belaying and abseiling, but are now much used with belay devices - though specialist Belay Karabiners, which prevent dangerous cross-loading, are a better choice.

In recent years, new innovative designs have appeared such as Pulley Karabiners and Locking Karabiners that do not have a screwgate.

The strength of karabiners is rated in kiloNewtons (kN) and are usually given for gate closed (along the back), gate open (along the back) and cross-loaded (between the back and the gate). A fall can engender forces of up to ca 6kN so it is important that all aspects of a karabiner are stronger than this. In the early days of lightweight krab design (ca 1980!) gate open strengths were not very high and karabiners could break in a fall if the gates were knocked open or the krab was cross loaded. These days karabiners have very high gate open and cross loading strengths meaning that modern karabiners made by a reputable firm are most unlikely to break.

DMM Phantom Karabiner Gold
PhantomSilverSwatch PhantomBLTSwatch PhantomBlackSwatch PhantomGoldSwatch PhantomOrangeSwatch PhantomRedSwatch PhantomGreenSwatch PhantomBlueSwatch PhantomPurpleSwatch PhantomPackSwatch
DMM Phantom Wiregate Karabiner
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DMM Chimera Karabiner Silver
PhantomSilverSwatch PhantomBLTSwatch PhantomPackSwatch
DMM Chimera Karabiner
From £9.90
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DMM Spectre2 Karabiner Red
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DMM Spectre 2 Karabiner
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DMM Alpha Trad Karabiner BLT
PhantomSilverSwatch PhantomBLTSwatch PhantomPackSwatch
DMM Alpha Trad Karabiner
From £10.35
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Black Diamond Miniwire Karabiner Ultrapink
Black Diamond Miniwire Karabiner
From £8.00
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Black Diamond Litewire Karabiner Octane
210234_8001_LITEWIRECARABINER_OCTANE-Swatch 210234_4005_LITEWIRECARABINER_BLUE-Swatch 210234_1003_LITEWIRECARABINER_GRAY_Swatch 210234_3005_LITEWIRECARABINER_GREEN-Swatch 210234_5000_LITEWIRECARABINER_PURPLE-Swatch 210234_6009_LITEWIRECARABINER_RED-Swatch 210234_7003_LITEWIRECARABINER_YELLOW-Swatch 210234_1003_LITEWIRECARABINER_Lightgrey_Swatch 210234_0002_LITEWIRECARABINER_BLACK_Swatch LitewireRackpackSwatch
Black Diamond Litewire Karabiner
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Black Diamond HotWire Karabiner Light Grey
210157_1004_HOTWIRECARABINER_LightGraySwatch 210157_8001_HOTWIRECARABINER_OctaneSwatch 210157_0002_HOTWIRECARABINER_BlackSwatch
Black Diamond HotWire Karabiner
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Black Diamond Hotwire Black
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Black Diamond HotWire Karabiner (2019 model)
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Wild Country Helium2 Karabiner Green
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Wild Country Helium 2 Karabiner
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Petzl Ange Karabiner Large Blue
AngeLGreySwatch AngeLBlueSwatch AngeSOrangeSwatch
Petzl Ange Karabiner
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Alien Pulsar Karabiner Red
AlienPulsarKarabinerRedSwatch AlienPulsarKarabinerYellowSwatch AlienPulsarKarabinerGreenSwatch AlienPulsarKarabinerBlueSwatch AlienPulsarKarabinerBlackSwatch AlienPulsarKarabinerGreySwatch AlienPulsarKarabinersSwatch
Alien Pulsar Karabiner
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Ocun Kestrel Karabiner Green
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Ocun Kestrel Wiregate Karabiner
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Edelrid Nineteen G Karabiner Icemint
NineteenGIcemintSwatch NineteenGSlateSwatch NineteenG6PackSwatch
Edelrid Nineteen G Karabiner
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DMM Shadow Karabiners
DMM Shadow Solid Gate Karabiner
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DMM Alpha Sport Karabiners
DMM Alpha Sport Karabiner
From £8.49
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Black Diamond HotForge Karabiners
Black Diamond HotForge Karabiner
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Edelrid Bulletproof Karabiners
Edelerid Bulletproof Karabiner
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Petzl Sm'D Wall Karabiner
Petzl Sm'D Wall Karabiner
2 In Stock
Grivel Captive Krab Straight Gate
Grivel Captive Straight Gate Karabiner
Out of Stock
Grivel Easy Clips
Grivel Easy Clip (pack of 15)
2 In Stock
Grivel Plume Twin Gate
Grivel Plume Twin Gate Karabiner
3 In Stock
DMM Phantom Screwgate Karabiner
DMM Phantom Screwgate Karabiner
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DMM Aero Screwgate
DMM Aero Screwgate Karabiner
Save 34%
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