Grivel Vlad Belay Station Karabiner

Clever single karabiner for rigging a belay - particularly useful for aid climbing but with many other applications.

Grivel Vlad Belay Station Karabiner

Grivel Vlad Belay Station Karabiner
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This cunning karabiner that looks like a knuckleduster actually does away with the need for a rigging plate and multiple locking krabs at a belay.

It will be found particularly useful by aid climbers who will be able to construct a belay, clip themselves into one loop, the haulbag into a second and belay their partner from the third. It could also be handy for instructors bring up multple seconds.

Use of Grivel's Twin Gate system makes it effectivly a locking karabiner even though there is no locking mechanism - once mastered this is very easy to use as only one gate needs to be opened for any task.

Strength Closed Strength Cross Loaded Maximum Load
30kN 12kN 27kN
External Dimensions Gate Opening Weight
12cm x 8.2cm 15mm 90g


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