Peguet Maillon Rapide Standard Galvanised Steel

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Locking chain link with loads of uses including abandoning in an abseil. Several sizes.

Peguet Maillon Rapide Standard Galvanised Steel

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Good bit of gear for lower offs and cheap enough that you won't mind leaving it behind. Most definitely not designed for use as a screwgate karabiner. The only one that is sold as CE tested protection is the 8mm which is quite heavy at 77g. The others are sold for accessory use only.

NB Maillons must be done up completely before use - their gate open strength is very low.

Maillon Rapide - Standard Galvanised Steel
Code Bar


CE Tested

Inside* Length

Inside* Width


Working Breaking
NZ03 3mm 50kg 250kg No 25mm 8.5mm 5.2
NZ05 5mm 280kg 1400kg No 39.5mm 13mm 21
NZ06 6mm 400kg 2000kg No 45mm 14.5mm 35
NZ07 7mm 550kg 2750kg No 52mm 16mm 51
PPENZ08 8mm 700kg 3500kg 25KN 58mm 17.5mm 77
* Outside Dimension = Inside Dimension + (2 x Bar Diameter).


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