The Blue Light Panic Sling

A trigger karabiner that can be set gate open combined with a stiff 30cm sling - ideal for those panicky situations where the bolt is just out of reach. Clip, pull to release the gate, clip in - panic over! 

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Approximate Packed Weight: 0.16kg

The Blue Light Panic Sling

The Blue Light Panic Sling
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Just the thing for those annoyingly placed bolts that are inches out of reach! A bit like a mini clip stick, and colloquially known as a "Stiffie", the Blue Light Panic Sling consists of an extra stiff 30cm extender made by Beal combined with a cunning Kong karabiner that can be set with the gate open but, as soon as the bolt is clipped, a slight tug on the quickdraw will release the trigger and close the gate - just clip in and panic over!
Strength Closed Krab 25kN, Sling 22kN, Open 9kN, Cross-loaded 9kN.
Webbing Length: 30cm, Width: 18mm.
Weight (approx.): 121g. 
Colours vary and we have no control over what colour we are sent.

NB You will need to add your own bottom karabiner. We suggest a bent gate - please see below.

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