Grivel Machine Shovel Adze (PJMACSHO)

An adze (what Grivel call a Shovel) that can be retro-fitted to the Grivel Light Machine, North Machine, Tech Machine, Tech Machine Carbon and Machine 3.0.


Approximate Packed Weight: 0.1kg

Grivel Machine Shovel Adze (PJMACSHO)

Grivel Machine Shovel Adze (PJMACSHO)
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This Adze (which Grivel call a Shovel) can be fitted to:

  • Grivel Light Machine
  • North Machine
  • Tech Machine
  • Tech Machine Carbon
  • Machine 3.0

NB It can only be fitted if the Mix Blade is fitted.

Grivel Part Number: PJMACSHO.

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