Ascenders, Pulleys & Rotors

Heavy duty ascenders designed for use on big walls for ascending fixed ropes and load hauling. The handled versions are also much used for fixed ropes in the Greater Ranges.

Self Belaying: Some ascenders can also be used to protect a solo climber who is climbing along side a fixed rope. Unfortunately there is no simple answer as to what is the best device for self-toproping. Please see our advice page on Self-Belaying for more information.

Also, well worth reading is Petzl's page on Self-Belay in which you will notice that the Shunt, probably the most popular device used in the UK, is not recommended.

Finally, there is a review of several devices at Outdoor Gear Lab.

The ascenders, pulleys and rotors listed below are just those we think suited to Aid Climbing - for our full range please see our Main Ascenders Page.

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