Black Diamond Link Personal Anchor System

Chain link daisychain personal anchor system with colour-coded base and end loops for clip-in and tie-in identification - designed for quick anchoring on sport routes and big wall use.
A lightweight safe daisychain connection between you and the rock featuring sewn Dynex (Dyneema) loops giving a 22-kN strength rating from any loop.
The end loop is red and the tie loop which should be lark's footed to your harness is black, with all the other loops being grey.
Designed for quickly clipping into a sport climb belay station or for use aid climbing.
  • Sewn 12mm Dynex construction for durability and strength.
  • Colour-coded base and end loops for easy tie-in and clip-in identification.
Length: 87.5cm.
Strength: 22kN-rated on every loop.
Weight: ca 50g.

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