Y & Y Vertical Clip Up Clip On Belay Glasses

Clip on version for spectacles wearers of the well known Y&Y Belay Glasses that have prevented many a cricked neck at climbing wall and crag.

The Clip Up is just the thing for all spectacles wearing climbers. Very lightweight but superbly well made, just clip it on your own glasses and belay your partner in comfort. 

It fits on most glasses and sun glasses and with a small movement it can be switched between the positions Off and On. The trapezoid-shaped prisms allow a wide vision of the climber while keeping an important peripheral vision.
Clip and belay! 
Carry case with mini-krab and ear retainers for your specs included. 
Weight: ca 30g.
NB - Use of belay glasses is recommended for experienced belayers only. They make for much more comfortable belaying, but you should look up and watch your partner whenever you have any doubts. Objects shown in the glasses may be farther than they appear. Never look at the sun directly!

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