Sport Harnesses

This section only shows Sport Climbing Harnesses. Please click to see our full range of Climbing Harneses.
For trad and winter climbing harnesses need to be more complex as more gear is carried and they may need to be put on whilst wearing crampons or skis, but for sport climbing a simple harness with fixed leg loops and four gear loops is quite sufficient as all you generally carry are quickdraws. Most European harnesses only have four gear loops and this is because most continental climbing is sport. Another factor to consider in a sport climbing harness is comfort as you spend a lot more time dangling on the rope when sport climbing that you do when climbing trad, so your harness needs to be very comfortable and supportive.
We stock a large range of harnesses and really recommend that you visit us to try your harness out in the shop as this should guarantee a correct fit. However, for those who can't squeeze a visit to this beautiful part of the world into their busy lifestyle here is a selection of harnesses, many of which are very versatile in terms of fit.
Some tips - Do remove handkerchiefs, car keys, bulging wallets etc, from your trousers before trying on harnesses. Do remove pullovers etc too. Don't get a harness that you can do up the waistbelt as tight as it can go - buy the next size down so that there is always room to tighten it further. You do not want to risk sliding out of it in a head first fall. Check your waist measurement well above the hips, at your thinnest bit!

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