Petzl Rad System

A very light and compact crevasse rescue kit consisting of 30 metres of special Rad Line 6mm rope, two ascenders, three karabiners, a sling and a storage bag. Can also be used for abseiling or roping up on a glacier. 

A complete kit  designed for skiers doing crevasse rescue, abseiling or roping up on a glacier. It is ultra-light and compact.
This is an ideal solution for ski mountaineers and off piste skiers wanting to reduce the bulk and weight of what they carry.  There are two loops on the bag for attaching it to a harness or inside the backpackcord and the rope is packed in such a way that it is ready for immediate use without risk of knots or twists. There are sewn webbing loops on the top of the bag for attachment of all components of the kit, and an ice screw holder sewn on the outside of the bag.
The 6mm Rad Line is an ultra-light cord that weighs only 22g per metre, that is only 660g for the 30m in this kit. The sheath has rough texture for better control when abseiling and better braking when arresting a fall in a crevasse and the stretch is less than 2%, to facilitate rescue manoeuvres and eliminate the yo-yoing during abseils or falls. It is compatible with Petzl Tibloc and Micro Traxion ascenders due to the special Dyneema® and aramid-reinforced sheath and being made of polyester also means that it does not absorb much water.

  • 30m of Rad Line 6mm cordage, developed specifically for crevasse rescue, rappelling and roping up on a glacier during ski mountaineering.
  • 3 x Sm'D screwgate karabiners.
  • 1 x Tibloc ascender.
  • 1 x Micro Traxion pulley-ascender 
  • 1 x 120cm Dyneema sling
  • 1 x Storage bag (with an ice screw retaining sleeve) that can be hung on a harness ready for action.
Materials: polyester, aluminum, Dyneema®, stainless steel, nylon (bag), aramid.
Certification: CE EN 564 (RAD LINE 6 mm cordage).
Weight of entire kit: 1000g.

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