DMM Boa Keylock Screwgate Karabiner (30kN)

Extra large Keylock HMS type screwgate - specifically designed for multiple rope use and belay plates. Only 95g, which is remarkable for such a large 30kN karabiner!

The Boa is a high volume karabiner with a large gate opening and extended top bar, making it easy to clip with thick ropes and slings, and allowing it to accommodate multiple attachments. Its asymmetric shape sits naturally in the hand for easy handling, and I-Beam construction means that despite its large size, the Boa is still relatively light.

This is the standard screwgate version.

DMM Boa Strength Closed Strength Open Strength Cross Loaded External Dimensions Gate Opening Weight
Screwgate 30kN 9kN 12kN 12cm x 8cm 25mm 95g
Kwiklock 30kN 9kN 12kN 12cm x 8cm 23mm 96g
Locksafe 30kN 9kN 12kN 12cm x 8cm 23mm 97g

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