Petzl William Screwgate HMS Karabiner

Huge pear-shaped HMS screwgate karabiner for belays, lower offs and belaying with an Italian hitch. Easily allows connection of two or three clove hitches.

This asymmetrical large capacity aluminium karabiner has a large HMS pear shape that easily allows connection of multiple items - two or three clove hitches for instance. Its ergonomics and the Keylock nose make usage straightforward even when wearing gloves.

This version has a standard screwgate closure that shows red for danger if it is inadvertently not screwed up properly.

  • Great capacity due to its large dimensions.
  • Optimal shape for belaying with a Munter (Italian) hitch.
  • Karabiner shape designed for gripping with gloves on.
  • Asymmetrical pear shape facilitates opening and the manipulation of the locking system.
  • Keylock system to avoid any involuntary snagging of the karabiner.
Petzl William HMS Screwgate Karabiner
Strength Closed Strength Open Strength Cross Loaded
27kN 8kN 8kN
External Dimensions Gate Opening Weight
11.5cm x 8cm 28mm 85g

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