DMM Brass Offset on Wire

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1 Blue
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2 Red
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3 Grey
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Based on the famed HB (Hugh Banner) Brass Offsets, these nuts have been produced using modified versions of the original HB dies. DMM have brought them back into the world and bought them up to date with colour coded sizing. Hurrah for DMM!

These strangely shaped nuts have a loyal following because their complex offset shape offers placement opportunities when nothing else will fit. They are especially suited to British rhyolite mountain crags.

Also available in a set of 0-6.

DMM 'HB' Brass Offsets
Number Colour Dimensions Strength Weight
0 Gold 3.7mm x 5.5mm 2kN 4g
1 Blue 4.3mm x 6.5mm 4kN 7g
2 Red 5.6mm x 7.5mm 5kN 9g
3 Grey 6.0mm x 8.5mm 5kN 10g
4 Purple 7.5mm 10.2mm 7kN 14g
5 Green 8.6mm x 11.7mm 7kN 17g
6 Silver 9.8mm x 13.9mm 10kN 24g


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