Grivel Machine Mix Blade Pick (PJMIX)

Spare mixed climbing pick (Grivel Code PJMIX) to fit most modern Grivel technical axes and allows an adze or hammer to be fitted. Ideal for dry tooling routes that lead to an icefall finish..

Spare dry tooling climbing pick (4.2mm at the point). These picks are steeper in angle than the Grivel Machine Ice blades and much fatter. They are extremely durable and really designed for dry-tooling routes in a Contintal Mixed style where hard climing on steep rock leads to a hanging icefall finish. For pure dry-tooling routes use the Dry + Blade. For Scottish Mixed you would be better off with the Ice Blade or Ice + Blade.
It fits the following Grivel Axes:
  • Light Machine
  • North Machine
  • Tech Machine
  • North Machine Carbon
  • Tech Machine Carbon
  • Machine 3.0

New nuts and bolts are included.

Grivel Code: PJMIX.
The extra lug that sticks out at the back of the pick enables you to fit Hammer Head or Shovel (adze) which are available separately.

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