Needle Sports ScrewTube

Lightweight and simple ice screw protector for four ice screws - a Needle Sports special design!

The Needle Sports ScrewTube is a simple and lightweight ice screw protector that holds four ice screws in individual tubes and protects their tips and threads from damage while they are in your rucksack. It also prevents damage to your rucksack and its content from your ice screws. 

Each screw is inserted in its own tube and then the captive loop of elastic cord is slipped over the whole device to hold them firmly in place. This loop of 4mm elastic cord is easily replaceable should the need arise.

The ScrewTube is 23cm long to hold even the longest ice screws and made from tarpaulin fabric. At the end of a day's climbing, it allows for drying of the ice screws without removing them from their tubes. One can also store screws in fours to suit the climbs you are attempting, thus, for a mixed route, one tubeful of mixed lengths might be sufficient, whilst a for big ice climb an extra tube of 17cm screws can go in the sack.

Designed by a Needle Sports staff member and made exclusively for Needle Sports!

Weight: c 60g.

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