Petzl String Large


Holds the lower krab of a quickdraw firmly and stops wear and tear on the extender. Fits tape from 15 - 20mm. See through.

Petzl String Large

Petzl String Large
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Quickdraw sling protector that also maintains the orientation of the karabiner.

Petzl String serves two functions: it maintains the orientation of the karabiner on the rope end of a quickdraw, and it protects the karabiner attachment loop from wear. On this version, the user can verify that the karabiner is properly installed in the quickdraw sling as it is transparent.

  • Compatible with 15mm - 20mm wide quickdraw slings
  • Transparent, to verify proper instalment of the karabiner on the quickdraw sling

Material: TPE (thermoplastic elastomer).
Code: M090AA00.

Weight: c 5g.

Sold singly.

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