01/01/2014 17:52:00

Words by bena

Needle Sports' Staff - Cal Reid

Photo above: Cal on a Font 7a problem El Poussah in the Isatis Area of Fontainebleau.

Cal has been climbing for many years and worked in outdoor ed for five of them, prior to joining the staff at Needle Sports. He has largely concentrated on trad climbing in the Lakes and Scotland, but also has new routes to his name in such far flung places as Namibia and Zimbabwe and was also involved in developing bouldering areas in the latter country. Other overseas areas he has visited with rockboots and chalkbag (etc) include the USA, France, Spain, Greece, Belgium and Italy.



Photo left: Cal leading an F6c route at The Restaurant at the End of Universe, South Africa.

Photo right: Cal leading an impressively overhanging F6c+ route on Mount Everest Crag, South Africa.



South-West Climb Cal Reid2
Photo above: Cal on the delightful pitch 1 of South-West Climb, Pillar Rock.
Sou Sou West Climb p3 fa Cal Reid2
Cal on the first ascent of the hard top pitch of Sou’ Sou’ West Climb, Pillar Rock (E1, 4c, 4a, 5b 2017).