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Here are the front covers of early rare and, sometimes, famous climbing gear catalogues. Click on the photos for a bigger picture.


The first Peck Climbing Equipment Catalogue (1970)


Troll catalogue (1973)


Clogwyn Climbing Gear catalogue (1976)


Chouinard Equipment catalogue (1972) "the cornerstone of the clean climbing gear manufacturer literature"

  The first Lowe Alpine Systems Catalogue (1972)

Forrest Mountaineering catalogue (1974) "Forrest's reply to the 1972 Chouinard catalogue"


CMI catalogue (1975)


Campbell Mountaineering catalogue (1979) "a little wonder"

  The first DMM Catalogue (circa1982?)
  Wild Country 1983, the first catalogue.
  Wild Country 1987 catalogue.
  The first Metolius Catalogue (1988)
  The first HB Climbing Equipment Catalogue (late '80s)
  The first Black Diamond Catalogue (1990)

Metolius Equipment Catalogues:Metolius-Catalogs'-Story-1

Wild Country Equipment Catalogues:Wild-Country-Catalogues'-Story

Thank you in advance for your time and interest in my project.

With best wishes from Corsica.


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