In selecting a tent, it is well to consider a few basic questions prior to picking a make and model rather than the other way around. 

Is your tent largely to be used straight out of the boot of your car or off the back of a yak, or are you intending to lug it up hill and down dale in your rucksack? If the former, then it is worth going for the luxury of a little extra space and two doors as you will find this a great boon during long term stays and you will get less condensation. If the latter, then as light as practicable is sensible - and this will usually mean a single door.

And going as lightweight as possible obviously has its attractions but maybe not to the point that the poles wont withstand a Cairngorm Blizzard if this is it intended use. And there seems little point in saving weight by skimping on the groundsheet only to recommend to serious users that they need a 'Footprint' as well.

Finally, a small pack size may seem a bonus, but not if it is almost physically impossible to get the tent back in its stuff sack!