Renowned Swiss climbing rope manufacturer Mammut (translates as Mammoth) quite rightly is held in high esteem by British trad, sport and ice climbers alike and their comprehensive range of ropes are considered by many to be the best on the market.

However, in addition to climbing gear, Mammut also make a comprehensive range of outdoor clothing which is not only well cut and put together, but is also rather less grungy than that of its UK competitors, so if you like bright colours, Mammut could be for you.

Mammut Magic Sling 60cm Red
ContactSlingRedSwatch ContactSlingBlueSwatch
Mammut Magic Sling
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Mammut Sally Beanie Grape/Beet
sally-beanie_grape-beet_mainSwatch sally-bn_teal-atoll_mainSwatch
Mammut Sally Beanie
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Mammut Smart Wallet Ultralight Zion
SmartwalletULZionSwatch SmartwalletULWatersSwatch SmartwalletULBlackSwatch
Mammut Smart Wallet Ultralight
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Mammut Stitch Chalk Bag Dark Cyan
Mammut Stitch Chalk Bag
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