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Although wiregate quickdraws have largely taken over in the trad and alpine world, for sport climbing most climbers still prefer solid gate quickdraws with a straight gate at the bolt clipping end and a curved gate for the rope. The curved gate makes clipping the rope in considerably easier and it is also obvious which end of the quickdraw is which, an important point as bolt hangers can put tiny sharp nicks in karabiners which can then severely damage the rope, so it is important to always use the same end of the quickdraw to clip the bolt. It's much harder to tell one end of a quickdraw from the other with wiregates.

This page shows a few quickdraws we feel are particularly suited to sport climbing. For our full range of quickdraws please see our Rock Climbing section.

Kong Panic Sling
Kong Panic Sling
From £24.95
10 + In Stock
DMM Alpha Sport Quickdraws Titanium/Lime
AlphaTradsLimeSwatch AlphaTradsRedSwatch
DMM Alpha Sport Quickdraw
From £23.39
Save 10%
7 In Stock
Petzl Expresses
Petzl Express (2022 version)
From £2.65
Save 50%
Out of Stock
Petzl String Extra Small
Petzl String Extra Small
10 + In Stock
Petzl String XL
Petzl String Extra Large
10 + In Stock
Beal Pinch
Beal Pinch
9 In Stock

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