Offset Protection

Offset wires and cams are much used by aid climbers in Yosemite for protection in old peg scar cracks which are often flared and difficult to protect with standard gear.

This a tiny part of our full range of Rock Climbing Protection.

DMM Brass Offsets on Wire
DMM Brass Offset on Wire
From £19.99
1 In Stock
Wild Country Superlight Offset Rock
Wild Country Superlight Offset Rock
From £11.45
4 In Stock
DMM Halfnuts
DMM Halfnut
From £12.59
Save 10%
6 In Stock
Black Diamond Offset Stoppers
Black Diamond Offset Stopper
From £15.00
2 In Stock
Black Diamond Camalot Offset Z4s
Black Diamond Camalot Z4 Offset
Save 10%
5 In Stock
DMM Dragonfly Offset Cam
DMM Dragonfly Offset Cam
Save 10%
1 In Stock

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