Big Wall Shoes

As Chris McNamara says on the Supertopo Website, "Walking up and down in Aiders maybe the single most destructive activity to a pair of shoes. “What shoes to bring on a wall?” is still a question I grapple with on every climb."

What type of footwear to choose for a big wall will depend on the type of climbing involved. If it is all aid involving endless moves in etriers then light hiking boots are fine but if there's free climbing involved a really stiff edging rock shoe (probably worn in a bigger size than you'd usually take) will be a better choice and, for in between type routes, involving small amounts of free climbing and a lot of aid, good solid approach shoes that have been designed with climbing in mind are a good compromise.

The models below are shoes we think particularly suited to Aid Climbing - please see our Footwear Pages for our full range.

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