Knives & Tools

Climbing knives are distinguished from run of the mill pocket knives by having a hole in them so that they can be hung from a karabiner and they are also easy to open whilst wearing gloves - in other words they are designed for winter climbers and alpinists who need to cut tat for threads and Abalakovs. Pocket knives are handy basecamp tools for the 101 little repair jobs that inevitably need to be done at some point, and for opening tins and bottles and even sawing wood.

NB Legally, one can only carry a knife in public in the UK if the blade is less than 3" (76.5mm) in length unless you have a good reason (eg you are a chef on your way to work etc) and in England, no-one under the age of 18 can carry a knife with a longer blade in any circumstances. As a precaution therefore we will only accept orders for knives paid for with a Credit Card (sorry - although in theory you cannot open a Paypal account under 18 we cannot see how this is effectively policed so we will not accept Paypal as payment for knives). Where the knives we sell have a blade longer than 3" we point this out - all other knives advertised have a blade length less than this.

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