Fit:Sizing on boots and shoes varies a great deal. This is true, not only between different companies but also between different models from the same manufacturers. As most boots are still hand-made, even the same sizes in the same model can vary! When you take all these factors into account, buying boots unseen over the internet is not recommended. Therefore this service is intended for those who have already worked out what size and model they require but for one reason or another cannot get to a shop to make their purchase. Scarpa have good advice on Fitting Boots.

Returns: Please note that we cannot under any circumstances at all accept returns of any boots that have been "used" - not even a little bit! This includes a "just a few minutes outside to see what they feel like". Please try your boots on in your own home when you receive them. If you are unhappy with the fit we will refund or replace them provided that they are returned with their packaging and in (in our opinion) "as new" condition. Please see our section on Returns.

Sizing: Sizes given are UK or Continental - not USA.

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